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About Us

Our Approach

When you work with Adox, you be can rest assured that your project will be backed by a team of highly knowledgeable and motivated staff. Our continued and sustainable growth has seen us procure offices in Sydney and Newcastle with capabilities to service all your Security, Access Control, CCTV & Communications, Data and Networking projects on the East Coast of Australia.

Our Story

Adox was founded on the premise that our customers come first. Our philosophy is simple. We strive to treat you the way we want to be treated. Whether working with State and Federal Government departments or a small start-up company, we work hand in hand with our clients from initial planning stages to final project completion.

Our Experience

Since day one, our knowledge and expertise in the security, data and communication industry has been the lifeblood of our business. When you work with Adox, you can rest assured that your project will be scrutinised, electronically monitored, and tacked by our management team. Our bloodline is rich with pioneering electrical and security theory and project management experience.

Adox specialises in dealing with government and private sector clients, and their corporate and enterprise sites.

Adox’s Security division specialises in security systems such as DSX Access Control, Inner Range Concept and Integrity, Tecom Challenger and Forcefield, Protégé WX and GX, Milestone, OnSSI, Genetec, Avigilon, Hikvision, Mobotix and DVTel.

Adox’s Data division specialise in the commercial communication data products. Some of the services provided include data installation, structured cabling systems, maintenance and VOIP services.

Adox: building confidence through experience.


Each project brings unique challenges and requires careful attention to detail.  We work hand in hand with our clients to ensure their distinctive vision becomes a reality.

Our ultimate goal: to deliver a finished product we would be proud to call our own.  Our team will work in concert with you to supply the highest quality workmanship and technology at the best possible cost.

Adox: customer-driven innovation and an eye for the bottom line.


At Adox, our focus is on building a reputation for quality, customer-valued practices. Our past clients are the foundation for fostering a strong business in the future. As our customer, our name lies in your hands; we work hard to protect it. We take pride in providing our clients with a best-in-class electronic security, electrical and communications experience.

Adox: empowering our customers through collaboration.

Next Steps

Our philosophy is simple, we work hand in hand with our clients from initial planning stages to final project completion. Click the button below to experience the ADOX difference.